Complete Pure & Simple Cigar Box Guitar Kit Review

Complete Pure & Simple Cigar Box Guitar Kit Review - the Easiest Kit to Build!

If you're looking for a DIY guitar kit to build, but one with a slight difference, the Complete "Pure & Simple" Cigar Box Guitar Kit should be high up on your short list.

This is a cigar box design guitar kit proven to be one of the easiest to build. If you want to start building guitars as a hobby or you want to help your child begin in the musical world, then the Pure and Simple kit is certainly one of the best to choose from.

Pure & Simple at a Glance:

Complete'Pure & Simple' Cigar Box Guitar Kit - the Easiest CBG Kit to Build, Bar None!
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Complete"Pure & Simple" Cigar Box Guitar Kit - the Easiest CBG Kit to Build, Bar None!
  • Complete cigar box guitar kit, designed to be the EASIEST kit to build, bar none!
  • Includes all parts, hardware, neck and illustrated instruction booklet.
  • Only a screwdriver and small hammer required to assemble. Build it in an hour or so at your kitchen table!
  • Perfect project for first-time cigar box guitar builders, or for parents to do with a child!
  • The easiest, most affordable way to build your own cigar box guitar.

It looks simple, and it is. Building an instrument is also an excellent bonding experience between a parent and child, and what better gift than that?

Of course there are many DIY guitar kits on the market. The fact this one is so easy to put together, and typically very easy to play, makes it stand apart from many of the other choices you have in front of you.

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Complete Pure & Simple Cigar Box Guitar Kit - the Easiest CBG Kit to Build, Bar None!Features

  • Complete kit, everything is included, with no extra purchases required
  • Very easy to build and easy to play afterwards
  • Comprehensive instruction manual
  • Can be built in just over one hour
  • Lightweight, at just 3.4lb


  • Lightweight, only 3.4lb, so ideal for children or young adults
  • Very easy to build, can be completed in an hour
  • Everything included, all holes pre-drilled
  • Cost effective choice


  • Not suitable for experienced builders or players, this is a basic, starter kit
  • Whilst it is very lightweight, this might not be suitable for all, as sometimes extra bulk is easier to work with


For first timers, those who haven’t tried to build a guitar before, or those who haven’t played before, this is a great choice to go for. Equally, if you are a parent and you are looking to help your child build an instrument for the first time, the Pure & Simple Cigar Box Guitar Kit is one of the easiest to build, with a very comprehensive instruction booklet included.

Complete Pure & Simple Cigar Box Guitar Kit - the Easiest CBG Kit to Build, Bar None!

All you need to put this DIY kit together is a small hammer and a screwdriver, as all holes are pre-drilled and everything is already where it should be – you simply need to put it together. A cigar box guitar kit design is basic, but as a first time choice this is certainly advantageous to help get your feet wet. The cigar box guitar is also very lightweight, at just 3.4lb, which makes it ideal for a child who wants to learn how to play from the start.

Another major advantage is that this is a cost effective choice. If you're looking at a first timer kit then the major plus point is that you aren’t out of pocket to a large degree on something that you or your child might not take any further. The aim is that you enjoy the process of putting this kit together, and scale your hobby up to larger projects as your skills and confidence improve. For that reason, this is a great starting point to try, either alone or as a great project with the kids at reasonable pice.

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