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Steve Blundon

Steve Blundon

Founder and Senior Editor

My name is Steve Blundon, primary author, master guitar tech and senior editor of GuitarNiche. I sincerely hope you find this site useful.

How GuitarNiche Started

Around 1991, a good friend of mine who worked at a small music store in Brantford Ontario gave me a crumpled up list of a dozen students he couldn’t serve anymore. A couple of days later I started working at that wonderful mom and pop establishment.

The rest as they say, is history.

That list turned into over sixty students a week, and hundreds of satisfied guitar service clients.

By April of 2000, the store owners retired giving me the opportunity to hang my own shingle – I was on my own in the music business trenches.

That business grew and prospered as Jammit Music for many years. Then things changed: external pressures, life events etc, until finally I made the decision to close the doors in 2015.

Jammit Music GuitarNiche history
Jammit Music: The Beginnings of GuitarNiche

Realizing there was an opportunity to essentially provide the same services in digital form, GuitarNiche was created; a site designed to help eliminate the roadblocks stopping players from getting the most out of their guitar experience, and cultivate their own personal expression through unique printed products.

How GuitarNiche Can Help

Here are just a few ways GuitarNiche can help you:

  • You want to be able to set your guitar up like a pro
  • You want to protect your guitar investments
  • You enjoy awesome guitar-themed printed products
  • You want great advice that saves you time and money
  • You just want to know more about your instrument and play better
  • You want to express your appreciation for guitars through great print designs


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