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Thousands of new guitar models and gadgets keep hitting the market. This makes finding the best guitar or guitar related products an even greater challenge without having a trustworthy guide. Make informed decisions and avoid getting burned when buying your guitar gear.

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What the Pros Say:

Ian Crichton - Saga

Ian Chrichton of Saga

I've been working with Steve now for twenty years. He's done awesome work on my guitars - knows exactly what he's doing.

Ian Thornley - Big Wreck

Ian Thornley of Big Wreck

Happy indeed - - great work.

Anthony R. Gigliotti

Anthony R Gigliotti

There is no one I trust more with my guitars. His attention to details that most people would miss is amazing.

  • Guitar breaking strings?

  • Is it constantly going out of tune?

  • Is your guitar buzzing, driving you nuts?

  • Or maybe you need help deciding on a new guitar.

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Easy Setup & Repair Tutorials

How to do a Professional Guitar Setup

Being able to express yourself fully is also a matter of having your guitar set up so that it allows you to do so. Knowing how to set up a guitar, whether for yourself or for compensation, is like most other skills; a matter of time, experience, and good guidance.

Typical Guitar Repair Problems

A few common problems we all deal with at one time or another as guitar players:

  • Buzzing, rattling
  • High action
  • Tuning issues
  • Breaking Strings

And many more of course.

You CAN do it. With the right mindset, guidance and working environment, which can be incredibly modest, you can achieve remarkable results. There are three rules of a guitar setup that represent the basic principles of an organized, educated approach to achieving your ultimate goal – setting up your guitar to its maximum potential.

Easy Guitar Setup Guide


Featured Pro Guitar Setup Video:

How To Set Up A Fender Telecaster:

BONUS - If you're just starting out:
  • what kind of beginner guitar should I buy?
  • how much should I spend?
  • why do I need a guitar setup anyway?
  • how do I know if I'm getting a good deal?
  • where can I find starter materials that don't suck?

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