Local Guitar Setup and Repair Prices for Brantford

Have a guitar that needs help and looking for a reputable guitar repair service in Brantford? You’ve come to the right place for a reasonable guitar setup cost.

Steve Blundon

My name is Steve Blundon and I’ve been doing professional guitar service since 1991.

If you want your instrument taken care of by someone you can trust and stands by their work, I’m happy to help you out.

How Much Does a Guitar Setup Cost?

Generally speaking, the average guitar setup cost is about $85 CAD (plus parts). This goes for standard electric guitars, acoustic guitars and basses.

Please keep in mind that instruments that haven’t been serviced for a long period may require extra attention which can drive the price up. By “long period” I mean a few seasonal changes or a number of years. This is particularly relevant to acoustic guitars.

Custom work can also mean custom dollars. A lot of time can be spent planning a complicated job and it has to be paid for.

Nevertheless I always work with my customers to achieve the best results for both their instrument and their pocketbook.

How Much Does A Guitar Setup Cost?
Setting up a Telecaster at GuitarNiche

Current Guitar Repair and Service Rates

Please Note: These are average setup and repair prices which may vary according to the condition of the instrument and complexity of the work.

Every instrument is different therefor a fair assessment is best done on a one-to-one basis so the instrument can be seen first hand. It doesn’t cost you a penny to have me look at it and estimates are free.

Prices listed below are for labour only, parts and materials are not included unless specified.

All Prices in Canadian Dollars – CAD.

General Information

Bench Rate$75.00 per hour
Minimum Charge$35.00
Clean and Restring (strings extra)$40.00
Repair Estimateno charge
Major Repair/Restoration Estimateno charge

Complete Guitar Setup

Acoustic Guitar$85.00
Electric Guitar$85.00
Locking Tremolo Guitar$120.00
12 String Guitar$105.00
Resonator Guitar$85.00

Common Guitar Repairs

New 6 String Nut$60.00
New 12 String Nut$85.00
New Saddle$65.00
Install Tuning Machines$60.00
Re-glue Minor Separation$60.00
Re-glue Acoustic Bridge$190.00
Re-glue Broken Headstock$90.00
Re-glue Broken Headstock with Touchup$300.00
Custom Routing$95.00 Hr

Fret Work

Complete Fret Dress$175.00
Minimum (Spot) Fret Dress$75.00
Heat Press (no Guarantee)$90.00
Glue and Re-Seat Frets$80.00
Dress Fret Ends$60.00
Complete Refret$385.00
Complete Refret with Binding or Lacquer$500.00
Partial Refret$190.00


Minimum Bench Charge$50.00
Pickup installation – Single$65.00
Pickup Installation – Pair +$95.00
Complete Rewire$90.00
Replace Output Jack$30.00
Replace Pots$65.00
Replace Switch$35.00
Custom Electronics Design$90.00 Hr
Custom Mod Wiring$85.00 Hr
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Do You Have Guitar Parts or Should I Bring My Own?

I do stock many small parts regularly, such as pots, switches and many general hardware parts.

For common jobs such as pickup instals, tuner swaps, or similar upgrades, I suggest you provide the specific parts you want. This expedites turnaround times and helps guarantee you get the results you really want.

If you need assistance making a decision on a particular upgrade or part, I’m happy to help.

Guitar setup service and repair Brantford, Ontario
The GuitarNiche workbench is always busy!

What is GuitarNiche?

GuitarNiche is the front-facing website for my business and yes, I’m a real person, with bills and overhead just like you.

Guitar service and repair is the basis of what I do. This highly detailed and specialized work helps support me and my family. For that and the opportunity to serve you, I have endless gratitude.

If you’re interested in learning more on how to set up a guitar yourself, go here, or visit the Guitar Niche Blog for even informative articles.

In the local Brantford area?

If you’re looking for guitar service or repair in the local Brantford Ontario area, call 226-922-0890 to speak with me directly, love to hear from you!

If you have any questions about a specific guitar setup cost or repair issue, contact me here.

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