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Repair & Setup Prices

Prices are for labour only, parts are not included unless specified. The guitar setup cost is not included in repair prices but is often required.

All Prices in Canadian Dollars – CAD.

*Please Note*

These are average guitar setup and repair prices which may vary according to the condition of the instrument and complexity of the work.

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General Information

Bench Rate $75.00 per hour
Minimum Charge $25.00
Clean and Restring (strings extra) $25.00
Repair Estimate no charge
Major Repair/Restoration Estimate no charge


Complete Guitar Setup

Acoustic Guitar $70.00
Electric Guitar $70.00
Bass $70.00
Mandolin $70.00
Locking Tremolo Guitar $85.00
12 String Guitar $80.00
Banjo $70.00
Resonator Guitar $70.00


Common Guitar Repairs

New 6 String Nut $50.00
New 12 String Nut $70.00
New Saddle $50.00
Install Tuning Machines $45.00
Re-glue Minor Separation $45.00
Re-glue Acoustic Bridge $135.00
Re-glue Broken Headstock $65.00
Re-glue Broken Headstock with Touchup $160.00
Custom Routing $75.00 Hr


Fret Work

Complete Fret Dress $150.00
Minimum Fret Dress $75.00
Heat Press (no Guarantee) $50.00
Glue and Re-Seat Frets $50.00
Dress Fret Ends $30.00
Complete Refret $300.00
Complete Refret with Binding or Lacquer $400.00
Partial Refret $200.00



Minimum Bench Charge $35.00
Pickup installation – Single $50.00
Pickup Installation – Pair + $75.00
Complete Rewire $65.00
Replace Output Jack $15.00
Replace Pots $45.00
Replace Switch $20.00
Custom Electronics Design $75.00 Hr
Custom Mod Wiring $75.00 Hr


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