Author, Publisher and Senior Editor

Steve Blundon

GuitarNiche Founder and Senior Editor

Playing Guitar Since: 1975

Author Since: 2000


  • Father of two wonderful daughters
  • Independent business owner
  • Guitar aficionado
  • Master guitar tech for over 30 years
  • Author and web developer

Expertise: music industry, business, live performance, teaching, instrument service and repair, writing, publishing, web development.

Beyond my previous years as a guitarist in numerous bands, my formal eduction in the music business started around 1991.

This humble beginning resulted in fifteen years as a music teacher, exposure to innumerable forms of guitar gear through traditional storefront shops (both as an employee and as an employer) and laid the foundation required to develop professional guitar service skills.

Today, I still serve as a professional guitar tech for a long list of customers, develop websites for clients and continue to write about all things guitar.

Along with being a publisher, I’ve written professionally for recognized music websites such as, and currently act as senior editor and primary contributor for

A demo video of a custom guitar I built for a client: