Choosing the Best Cheap Acoustic Guitar

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Best Cheap Acoustic Guitar

Choosing the best cheap acoustic guitar will definitely help the journey for someone who has a desire to play music, without breaking the bank. You or your child's love for music shouldn’t be hindered by a lack of funds for a musical instrument. There are many affordable acoustic guitars you can purchase so you can still learn how to play the guitar and make lovely music.

Some Very Affordable Acoustic Guitar Choices at a Glance:

How to select decent cheap acoustic guitar

An acoustic guitar is a great instrument that you can use to get started playing music. Whether you plan to play the guitar to rise to stardom or you just want to enjoy playing some of your favorite tunes, selecting a reasonable budget acoustic guitar is very important.

Here are a few tips on just how to do that:

Work with your budget

The first thing that you should determine a budget to spend for a guitar. It's best to set a realistic budget and work with it and not against it. If you're really on a tight budget, start searching for cheaper models and figure out if you can tweak them to improve them without costing too much. Not all the inexpensive models are of low quality; there are many that are decently priced and can allow you to learn with relatively little difficulty before you upgrade to a better one.

Comfort vs. sound

When it comes to acoustic guitars, the shape and size of the body affects the sound it produces. Larger guitars are likely to produce a deeper or fuller sound than smaller ones. The only drawback is that a very large guitar may not be comfortable. It's important to find a balance between the size and shape of the guitar that you select, and the comfort that you have while playing it.

For instance, if you're buying a guitar for a child, you want an instrument that fits their general body size at their present age. As a standard example, a three-quarter size guitar is suitable for children ages 10-14. By comparison, a full size acoustic would be far too cumbersome and take them many years to grow into.

Many acoustic guitars are a dreadnought shape because of the good quality of sound it produces. Mostly selected because it can be used for different styles of music from rock to country to the blues. The great thing about this shape is that it also produces a big sound, though it comes at the cost of comfort by having a bigger body.

Aside from the body shape, the neck size and the action of the guitar also affects the comfort and sound. There are guitars with smaller necks that make it easier for beginners to learn and practice barre chords. There are also low-action fretboards, which have the strings close so that it is easier for beginners to press on them. Low-action fretboards are great, but they may also be prone to fret buzz.

Appearance and materials

Guitars may come in different colors and different finishes, and the appearance of your guitar is a personal choice. The type of materials or wood used can also affect the appearance of the guitar. More importantly, it can also affect the sound quality because different kinds of wood have different effects to the sound.

It is quite common to find guitars with laminated tops that are made from spruce, maple or pine, and some even make use of cedar. These inexpensive tops are still resonant and will typically produce a bright sound. Mahogany tops are less common but they still produce a beautiful, slightly deeper sound. For the fretboard, rosewood is mostly used.

Many guitars that are really cheap may have flaws in the finishing. They may not look as great but they can sound great if you just give them some love.

Improving the sound of your cheap guitar

Even if you buy a very affordable guitar, there are ways you can improve them and upgrade them without spending too much or essentially, buying a new one. One easy thing you can do is replace are the strings. Most factory strings that come with the guitar are not necessarily that great. They will produce a sound, but you are far better off with a branded set of strings such as D'Addario, Martin, Ernie Ball or one of the many other fine brands.

Another upgrade would be the tuners, sometimes called machine heads. With an upgraded set of tuners, you can expect your guitar to more stable, staying in tune for a longer period of time. You won’t need to tune it as often, unlike what you’d expect with the typically sloppy tuners that come with cheaper guitars.

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Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural
816 Reviews
Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural
  • Features a Spruce Top
  • Laminated Nato back & sides.
  • Satin Finish
  • Chrome covered Tuning Machines
  • Rosewood Fretboard

The Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar is made not only for beginners, but also for more seasoned guitar players. It comes in a dreadnought shape which helps produce that big and bold sound. The top is made from spruce and the back and sides are both from laminated nato. It has the Jasmine Advance “X” Bracing to help provide adequate support to the guitar and to help produce that bold sound.

The neck is slim making it easier for beginners to practice playing chords. It has a satin finish for better resonance and for the best sound quality it can provide. It is a right-handed guitar with a natural finish, and it can be bought alone or as a package with additional accessories. This is the best cheap acoustic guitar for players who don’t mind tweaking their guitars to improve the sound quality.

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural
KMC Music Inc - Electronics
from $103.69


  • Top is made from spruce while the back and sides are from laminated Nato
  • The fretboard and bridge are constructed with a rosewood
  • Machine heads are finished in chrome
  • Has perloid dots in the frets for better visual identification
  • Has an adjustable truss rod that is accessible through the sound hole


  • Very affordable price is attractive for beginners or those who are looking into expanding their guitar collection
  • It produces a great sound and will produce an even better sound with a few tweaks

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It needs to be properly set up and tuned first before it can sound great. Video tutorials can help, but beginners may find this challenging to do on their own, so they may need to pay for it at a guitar shop.

First Act FG3718 Designer Acoustic Guitar

On Sale!
First Act FG3718 Designer Acoustic Guitar, Rock n Roll
92 Reviews
First Act FG3718 Designer Acoustic Guitar, Rock n Roll
  • Classic body shape
  • Steel string acoustic guitar sized for children & Thin frets and low string action for easy playing
  • Learn-A-Cord cards and protective string post covers indicating string names included

The First Act FG3718 Designer Acoustic Guitar is especially made for kids who want to try playing a guitar. The acrylic guitar body makes it very lightweight so that children can comfortably hold them while playing. It has low action and thinner frets that make them perfect for small hands and tiny fingers. This makes it the best cheap acoustic guitar for very young children.

This guitar is a great choice for those who have children who are interested in guitars but are more likely to ruin an expensive one than learn from it. Buying this gives them a guitar of their own that they can play. It doesn’t really hold the tune and it needs to be retuned a lot. It is very affordable and a great gift for a young music enthusiast.


  • It comes in the classic dreadnought shape
  • It is an acoustic guitar that makes use of steel strings
  • The low string action and thinner frets make it easier for children to play it
  • There are protective string post covers that also help identify the strings
  • The body of the guitar is made from a plastic that makes it lightweight
  • The fretboard is constructed from maple
  • It can be used by right- or left handed people


  • It is inexpensive and it makes a great gift for young music lovers
  • The small size of the frets makes it perfect for little fingers
  • Comes in different designs that kids will surely love

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  • Doesn’t stay tuned for a long time
  • Best for smaller kids because bigger kids who are serious in playing a guitar will quickly outgrow it

LAGRIMA Beginners Acoustic Guitar with Guitar Case, Strap, Tuner & Pick Steel Strings Black

On Sale!
LAGRIMA 38' Acoustic Guitars, Cutaway Design Natural 6 Steel Strings Youth Kids Guitars with Nylon Bag,Tuner, Picks, Strap for Beginners, Adults Blue
186 Reviews
LAGRIMA 38" Acoustic Guitars, Cutaway Design Natural 6 Steel Strings Youth Kids Guitars with Nylon Bag,Tuner, Picks, Strap for Beginners, Adults Blue
  • SIZE-38" Black acoustic guitars, Ideal acoustic guitar kit for beginners (kids, teenagers or adults)
  • MATERIAL-Made of an all wood construction & steel strings & glossy smooth finished
  • FEATURE-High Precision Knob & Metal and ABS material to ensure a solid tune,Surface coating design preventing fingers being hurt
  • DIMENSION-Guitar Size: 38.6"L x15.4"Wx2.4"H; Small and lightweight guitar for easy learning
  • CASE INCLUDED-A nylon case is included for storage and easy transportation,Set Include:guitar, nylon bag , tuner , picks,strap, strings

The LAGRIMA Beginners Acoustic Guitar with Guitar Case, Strap, Tuner & Pick comes with a set of accessories that beginners will find useful as they learn how to play the guitar. It is a great guitar for kids who are old enough to learn how to really play the guitar and not just play with it like a toy. It has an all wood construction and a smooth finish that helps it to resonate better and produce a reasonably good sound.

The guitar makes use of steel strings that can be tuned but may need retuning after some use. It is the best cheap acoustic guitar for beginners who are still figuring out if they are serious about learning how to play the guitar.


  • Has an all wood construction and smooth finish
  • Body is constructed out of linden wood while the neck is of birch
  • Includes other free accessories such as a nylon bag, picks, strings, straps and a tuner
  • Available in either black or blue


  • It has a better sound quality because of the wood construction
  • It can hold a tune so that young kids can learn from it
  • Comes with accessories that beginners will find very useful

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  • Frets don’t have the dot inlays that help identify the different frets
  • The pitch pipe may not be the best tuner to be used by beginners

Compare Cheap Acoustic Guitars:

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Final verdict

Out of the three acoustic guitars found above, the Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar is the best cheap acoustic guitar for young people and adults alike. It has a dreadnought shape and it is made from an all-wood construction. This helps produce a full and good quality sound.

This guitar may be the most expensive of the three but it can surely outlast the other two. It is a great guitar that you can tweak to further improve the sound. This is a good guitar to learn from and to simply enjoy playing music that you love.

Lastly, it's important to note that most guitars in this price range benefit greatly from having a little bit of setup work done to make them as playable as possible.

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