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The Best Acoustic Guitar Under $2000 (Player’s Guide)

Let’s be honest, the absolute best acoustic guitar under 2000 dollars must have exceptional qualities to make it a great fit your taste and needs.

If you’re prepared to make a significant investment on an instrument, you’re no doubt looking for a solid build along with playability, resonance, and various other subtleties that make a particular acoustic guitar speak to you.

Great Acoustic Guitars For Less Than $2,000

Compare Select Instruments:

#1 Best Acoustic Under $2000

Gibson Acoustic J-45 Studio

Gibson Acoustic J-45 Studio 4.9 out of 5 stars


Fantastic projection and warm bass tones

#2 Best Modern Acoustic

Taylor 224ce-K DLX

Taylor 224ce-K DLX Acoustic-Electric Guitar 4.2 out of 5 stars


Sounds better with age

#3 Best Value In A Heritage Brand

Martin D-15M

Martin D-15M Mahogany Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar 4.5 out of 5 stars


Rich, vibrant tone

#4 Legendary Acoustic Electronics

Takamine Legacy EF341SC

Takamine Legacy EF341SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar 3.8 out of 5 stars


Mahogany neck + rosewood fretboard for playability

#5 Best Affordable Modern Acoustic 

Taylor 214ce Deluxe

Taylor 214-ce Deluxe Acoustic Guitar 4.2 out of 5 stars


Sitka spruce top is excellent for strumming

#6 Traditional Triple-0 Tone

Martin 000-15M

Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar 4.7 out of 5 stars


All-mahogany build for powerful and warm tone qualities

#7 Best Parlor-Sized Value

Guild M-20

Guild M-20 Concert Acoustic Guitar 3.7 out of 5 stars


Warm, balanced mahogany tone

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Top 7 Acoustic Guitars Under $2,000 In Review

1. Gibson Acoustic J-45 Studio

Gibson Acoustic J-45 Studio

4.9 out of 5 stars


Best Features

  • Fantastic projection and warm bass tones
  • Cutting-edge acoustics
  • Walnut helps it age brilliantly
  • Mahogany helps tame the high frequencies


  • Walnut fretboard and body
  • Fishman Sonitone pickups
  • Extremely unique and memorable tone
  • A quality Gibson below $2,000

A Masterfully Made Guitar

This is a “workhorse” acoustic-electric guitar from one of the world’s most popular guitar manufacturers, Gibson.

Gibson sits side-by-side with Fender when it comes to the world’s most popular guitar manufacturers. Although they make electric guitars as well, Gibson’s acoustic game is strong, to say the least.

The J-45 studio is a dreadnought round-shoulder instrument with warm bass tones and fantastic projection. The J-45 offers brilliant playability and cutting-edge acoustics.

Gibson Acoustic J-45 Studio


The premium Sitka top brings tremendous amounts of presence to this guitar’s tonal properties.

On the back and on the sides, walnut is used, which is somewhere between rosewood and maple when it comes to tonality, but it’s similar to Koa, when it comes to the clarity brought on by high frequencies. Like Koa, walnut ages gracefully, in terms of tone. The fretboard is also walnut.

The J-45 Studio has Fishman Sonitone electronics which sound as clear as day. Fishman is a renowned guitar pickups company, popular for tonal clarity on their electric and acoustic pickup models.

Gibson Acoustic J-45 Studio
Gibson Acoustic J-45 Studio Key Features
  • Walnut body with Sitka spruce top
  • Mahogany clarity to tame the high frequencies
  • Walnut bridge to accompany the body
  • Fishman Sonitone pickups with brilliant clarity
  • 75” scale length – slightly shorter than standard

Truly Memorable

Even though it’s still considered a mid-range guitar, Gibson Acoustic J-45 Studio is an instrument of extreme quality. You can try hundreds of excellent acoustic guitars, but the tone you hear coming out of the J-45 is truly unique and memorable. It’s built with great care and attention to detail.

Gibson-Level Prices

Gibson is a brand that’s notorious for its high-priced instruments. Although the J-45 doesn’t go over $2,000, it is at a fairly high price point. Still, you get a high-quality piece of gear, no one’s denying that.

Gibson Acoustic J-45 Studio Review Summary

What We Like

      • Quality build
      • Unique and memorable tone
      • Attention to detail
      • Fishman Sonitone pickups

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What We Don’t Like

      • Pricey

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Gibson Acoustic J-45 Studio

Check Gibson Acoustic J-45 Studio Availability >>


2. Taylor 224ce-K DLX

Taylor 224ce-K DLX Acoustic-Electric Guitar

4.2 out of 5 stars


Best Features

  • Sounds better with age
  • Resonant
  • Sparkling highs, stable mids
  • Comfortable neck


  • Koa build
  • Shaded edgeburst
  • Sapele neck
  • Forward shifted pattern body bracing

Full Koa Tone

This is a top-quality shaded edgeburst and layered Koa acoustic-electric guitar from a world-renowned acoustic guitar manufacturer, Taylor.

Taylor is one of the world leaders in the acoustic guitar production business. Although the price tag on Taylor 224ce-K DLX doesn’t feel very comfortable, its full-Koa body, fantastic resonance, and rich tone justify it.

Taylor 224ce-K DLX Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Taylor 224ce-K DLX Acoustic-Electric Guitar

A Great-Sounding Guitar That Gets Better as It Ages

Taylor is a widely popular and renowned guitar manufacturer that specializes in acoustic guitars. Thanks to the Hawaiian Koa predominant build, this Taylor guitar brings sparkling highs and solid mids to the table, wrapped with nice crisp snappiness.

The unique thing about this guitar’s Hawaiian Koa build is the growing range of sweetness, richness, and resonance over time.

Plug in this acoustic-electric guitar, and the ES2 electronics will give you a rich amplified tone without diminishing any of its acoustic properties.

Brilliant resonance and great EQ qualities have no impact on playability, though. And playability is just as important as a guitar’s sound properties.

The stiff Sapele neck will appeal to guitarists who want uninterrupted comfort while playing. Thanks to its stiffness, however, the feel that it has and the sound that it produces remain powerful.

Taylor 224ce-K DLX Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Taylor 224ce-K DLX Key Features
  • Amazingly, thanks to the Koa-predominant construction, the 224ce-K actually starts sounding better as it ages
  • Neck is very comfortable but still capable of delivering powerful sound and tone
  • The ES2 electronics amplify the brilliant acoustic properties of this Taylor guitar without compromise
  • Gorgeous looking – the top wood is solid Hawaiian Koa, while the back and the sides are Layered Koa with Koa veneer
  • Gold tuners fit this guitar’s style perfectly

The Best Taylor Model for the Price

Don’t misunderstand us – Taylor 244ce-K DLX is arguably the best Taylor acoustic guitar for under $2,000.

Still, the feature that shines the brightest on it is the amazing Koa-based build. This tonewood is immensely stable, without sounding dull.

The ES2 electronics were a perfect choice here, as they are capable of providing (picking up) the most realistic tonal picture from an acoustic guitar. Other than that, it looks brilliant, and all the parts work perfectly.

Maple Might’ve Been Better

Although ebony is the most common fretboard wood type, we feel that a maple fretboard would help bring out even more sparkling brightness out of this guitar without compromising the mids.

Still, this is not to say that ebony doesn’t work great here; just that we think that maple would’ve been a better choice. Roasted flamed maple would’ve been a great choice. It’s also one of the priciest guitars on this list.

Taylor 224ce-K DLX Review Summary

What We Like

      • Fantastic looking and sounding Koa build
      • Sweet, rich, resonant sound
      • Sparkling highs and stable mids
      • ES2 electronics

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What We Don’t Like

      • Maple would’ve been a better fretboard choice
      • Pricey

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Taylor 224ce-K DLX Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Taylor 224ce-K DLX Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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3. Martin D-15M

Martin D-15M Mahogany Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

4.5 out of 5 stars


Best Features

  • Rich, vibrant tone
  • Comfortable satin neck
  • Resonance
  • Elegant appearance


  • 1940s Style 15 throwback
  • Satin neck finish
  • Very complex, dark, rich voice
  • Perfect for singers

1940s Guitar from a 180-Year-Old Brand

This is a throwback Martin guitar that brings elegance, tonal richness, and comfort to the player’s hands.

Martin is a guitar manufacturer that has been around for more than 180 years. Over time, their guitars have changed but the quality of their builds has remained top-notch.

The Martin D-15M is a perfect representation of that craftsman’s attention to detail. It’s a throwback to the 1940s Style 15 models, and what a throwback it is!

Martin D-15M Mahogany Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

All-Mahogany Guitar Dreadnought

Mahogany is among the most resonant tonewoods out there. Typically, a manufacturer will choose to use it for the guitar’s body.

The Martin D-15M is an all-mahogany guitar, with the top, back, sides, and the neck made out of solid mahogany.

This gives the guitar a surprisingly dark and full voice, which is astonishing in its complexity. This perfectly complements a higher voice.

Martin D-15M Mahogany Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Don’t expect a fancy-looking guitar here. Its elegance is reflected in its simplicity and straightforward looks.

And, of course, its mahogany build. To supplement the complex, dark, and rich voice, Martin has gone with the traditional rosewood fretboard here.

The neck feels comfortable, making the guitar very easy to play. The satin-finished neck makes sure that your thumb glides smoothly up and down it.

This is a dreadnought-style guitar – bolder, larger body than most guitars, for a richer, louder tone.

Martin D-15M Key Features
  • Rich, vibrant voice brought to you by a solid, genuine, all-mahogany build
  • The rich sound goes hand in hand with the rosewood fretboard
  • Minimalist elegance
  • Dreadnought guitar
  • Natural color for extra minimalism
  • Satin neck for extra playability

The Best of Both Worlds

We’ve always loved the simple, respectable looks of the Style 15 guitars but never appreciated the ancient build.

The D-15M’s build brings the best of both worlds, plus it emphasizes comfort. It is very playable; we love the low oval neck carve. This is absolutely the best acoustic dreadnought guitar under $2,000 that you’ll find out there.

Could’ve Used Electronics

There isn’t a whole lot that we have to say against this model. But, the fact remains, no matter how well it fits the singer-songwriter style, it doesn’t come with any electronics.

And, loud as it is, bringing a regular microphone to the soundhole will provide a muddy picture for this guitar’s brilliant rich and vibrant tone. An optional electronics system would’ve been nice here.

Martin D-15M Review Summary

What We Like

      • Rich, dark, vibrant tone
      • Elegant
      • Satin neck
      • Extremely playable and comfortable

20px spacer

What We Don’t Like

      • Electronics would’ve been the perfect final touch

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Martin D-15M Mahogany Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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4. Takamine Legacy EF341SC

Takamine Legacy EF341SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar

3.8 out of 5 stars


Best Features

  • Mahogany neck + rosewood fretboard for playability
  • Gorgeous black gloss finish
  • Cutaway provides easyaccess to higher frets
  • Maple-cedar combo delivers tight lows and warm highs


  • CT4B II preamp
  • Maple back and sides
  • Solid cedar top
  • Bruce Springsteen’s choice

Pricey Cheap Guitar

This is a handcrafted acoustic-electric guitar with a dreadnought body from the renowned brand Takamine.

Takamine is a company that generally produces mid-range guitars. They are widely renowned for their affordable prices. The Legacy EF341SC isn’t exactly a “cheap” model.

Expect a quality build and great resonance. The CT4B II preamp successfully replicates the Legacy’s sound, so you don’t have to worry about its stage performance.

Takamine Legacy EF341SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Bruce Springsteen’s All-Round Dreadnought of Choice

Diversity has always been a part of Takamine’s style. With the Takamine Legacy EF341SC, the company has created an instrument for all acoustic needs, cozy or on the stage.

The EF341SC has been a part of Bruce Springsteen’s arsenal for decades now for good reasons – its versatility and all-round capability.

The Legacy EF341SC is probably the best acoustic guitar for strumming on this list. But this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t sound absolutely brilliant for flatpicking.

Takamine Legacy EF341SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Thanks to the tonally accurate CT4B II preamp, every playing intensity, from gentle fingerpicking to aggressive strumming, is sonically portrayed in the most brilliant way. The CTB4B II preamp has a 3-band EQ, as well as an accurate tuner.

Thanks to a very comfy cutaway, the player can effortlessly access those upper frets. This cutaway also gives it a modern, fresh look.

The top wood is solid cedar, while you can find maple on its back and sides. The neck is made out of resonant mahogany, and the fretboard is rosewood.

Takamine Legacy EF341SC Key Features
  • CT4B II preamp with a 3-band EQ and a tuner
  • Solid cedar top, maple on back and sides, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard
  • Fantastic tonal properties for fingerpicking, flatpicking, and strumming
  • Cutaway for higher string access
  • Sleek black appearance

Stage-Worthy but Cozy

Takamine guitars aren’t expensive, so you can rest assured that you get a fantastic instrument at this price range. The guitar itself sounds perfectly resonant – you get a powerful low end, very clear highs, as well as complex mids.

But it’s the CT4B II preamp that truly blew our minds, but then again Takamine has always been known for excellent acoustic electronics.

If you’re looking for a guitar that sounds equally good in room conditions and on the stage and plugged in, the Legacy EF341SC might just be your last stop for many years to come.

The Wood is Close

The choice of wood here is decent. That’s it. If the manufacturer went with, say, an all-mahogany build, we are certain that this guitar would’ve deserved and gotten a much heftier price tag.

But, more importantly, it would bring better tonal and feel properties to the table. Still, the guitar sounds and feels better than many $2,000+ guitars.

Takamine Legacy EF341SC Review Summary

What We Like

      • Diversity
      • Great resonance
      • Brilliant CT4B II preamp
      • Fantastic tonal properties

20px spacer

What We Don’t Like

      • Wood choice only decent

20px spacer

Takamine Legacy EF341SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Check Takamine Legacy EF341SC Availability >>


5. Taylor 214ce Deluxe

Taylor 214ce Grand Auditorium Sitka/Rosewood Natural ES2 w/Gig Bag.

4.2 out of 5 stars


Best Features

  • Sitka spruce top is excellent for strumming
  • Ebony fingerboard and Sapele neck for fast playing
  • ES2-guaranteed natural amplified sound
  • Grand Auditorium shape


  • Popular with recording engineers
  • Layered rosewood back and sides
  • Brilliant for fingerpicking and strumming
  • Fantastic treble zing

Sounds Bigger Than It Is

This is an acoustic-electric guitar with a Grand Auditorium body that brings dreadnought-level depth and width but features a tapered waist and a contoured body.

The world’s leading acoustic guitar company is back with a beautifully contoured, modern-looking Grand Auditorium guitar.

A blind test of this guitar would amaze you – it sounds like a dreadnought model, but it’s got a tapered waist, making it appear much smaller.

Taylor 214ce Grand Auditorium Sitka/Rosewood Natural ES2 w/Gig Bag

The Recording Engineer’s Favorite

When you hear that a guitar is a recording engineer’s favorite model, that means much more than you probably think.

This says a lot about its sound quality. The Taylor 214ce Deluxe has particular treble zing that all the sound engineers (and most guitar players) simply adore because it helps clarify note definition. When recording music, you’ll want instruments to sound as clear as day.

Taylor 214ce Grand Auditorium Sitka/Rosewood Natural ES2 w/Gig Bag

Although the 214ce Deluxe can follow through with every playing style, fingerpicking and medium strumming is where its heart is at. This guitar isn’t for heavy strummers, but a thinner pick makes strumming sit perfectly in a mix.

The wonderfully balanced and clear tone here is owed to the solid Sitka spruce top, in combination with rosewood on the sides and on the back.

This model features Taylor’s proprietary ES2 system, which does a great job of accurately reproducing the instrument’s natural tone.

Taylor 214ce Deluxe Key Features
  • Balanced and clear tone, ideal for recording
  • The ES2 system accurately reproduces the guitar’s natural tone on stage
  • Treble zing that sharpens the note definition
  • Tapered waist and contoured body make the 214ce look smaller
  • Sitka spruce top with rosewood on the back and on the sides

Great Woods for Balanced Tone

Taylor 214ce Deluxe performs remarkably well when it comes to recording. Clear tones and great tonal balance are to be expected here.

However, thanks to the ES2 system, the 214ce is favored by many live performers. The tonewoods of choice work great – they accentuate the treble zing, while balancing the tone out.

A Gentle Beast

This guitar is not for heavy strummers. The balance that the treble zing provides can easily go overboard if impacted by high velocity strumming. Still, using a thinner pick can help here.

Taylor 214ce Review Summary

What We Like

      • Clear tones
      • Fantastic tonal balance
      • ES2 system
      • Fantastic combination of tonewoods
      • Specific treble zing

20px spacer

What We Don’t Like

      • Doesn’t sound as good for heavy strumming

20px spacer

Taylor 214ce Grand Auditorium Sitka/Rosewood Natural ES2 w/Gig Bag

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6. Martin 000-15M

Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar

4.7 out of 5 stars


Best Features

  • All-mahogany build for powerful and warm tone qualities
  • For strummers and fingerstyle players
  • Dark wood complements the warm tone
  • Reasonable price


  • Complete satin finish
  • Classic build
  • Extremely cheap
  • Unparalleled craftsmanship

This One’s a Steal

This is a very reasonably priced Martin instrument of quality tonewoods and brilliant craftsmanship.

Martin guitars have sort of a typical look to them. This is why Martin guitars are so easy to recognize. The 000-15M model has the recognizable Martin first-class craftsmanship.

This model’s build is just amazing, with the best tonewoods out there and fantastic craftsmanship. At this level of quality, getting a guitar for such a low price is a real steal.

Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar

Unparalleled Resonance

First of all, we’re talking about an all-mahogany build here. This means that the top, the back, the side, and the neck are made out of solid genuine mahogany. This brings unparalleled resonance to the table.

Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar

The Martin 000-15M may not be a dreadnought guitar but, thanks to the mahogany build and the rosewood fretboard, you can expect warm, balanced tones. Whether you’re a fingerstyle enthusiast or prefer strumming, the 000-15M won’t disappoint you.

Martin 000-15M Key Features
  • All-mahogany build
  • First-class Martin craftsmanship
  • Classic, sleek appearance
  • Warm and balanced tones
  • Satin finish

Warm Satin Sleekness

The price tag here is definitely lower than the value of this guitar. The tonewoods used are simply amazing and brilliantly crafted – that, accompanied with the satin finish evokes a classic, sleek vibe.

In terms of craftsmanship, it’s unparalleled here, like on most Martin models. The guitar itself is very playable and comfortable, and the tones it provides are warm and well-balanced.

No Electronics

Unfortunately, there are no electronics on this guitar. Some people will like this and others will be deterred by it. But, in reality, this isn’t the world’s best acoustic guitar.

$1,000 to $2,000 is the price range we’re talking about on this list, and being closer to the former number is always desirable, which is exactly what the 000-15M offers. At this price range, you can’t expect a cool electronics system.

Martin 000-15M Review Summary

What We Like

      • Very cheap given the quality
      • Sleek satin finish
      • Comfy and playable
      • Sounds amazing and warm

20px spacer

What We Don’t Like

      • No electronics

20px spacer

Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar

Check Martin 000-15M Availability >>


7. Guild M-20

Guild M-20 Concert Acoustic Guitar

3.7 out of 5 stars


Best Features

  • Warm, balanced mahogany tone
  • Free wood vibration thanks to the satin finish
  • The comfort of the concert body style
  • Gorgeous vintage looks


  • Concert-style (very compact)
  • Its satin finish enhances its tonal properties
  • You feel its magic instantly
  • Extremely clear tone

A Reintroduction of an Old Star

This is a compact concert body-style guitar from Guild. It’s also one of first guitars from the brand.

Guild is a guitar manufacturer based in the US that has been making guitars for well over six decades. Back in 1967, Guild produced their very first acoustic guitar.

The M-20 is the modern version of the 1967 model. By reintroducing this compact concert body guitar made out of solid mahogany, Guild has rounded up many new fans. We are one of them.

Guild M-20 Concert Acoustic Guitar

A Comfy, Tone-Rich Model

Usually, all-mahogany acoustic guitars are larger models, like dreadnoughts. The Guild M-20 is a concert-style guitar, meaning that it’s compact. Still, it features an all-mahogany build.

It’s top, back, sides, and neck are solid mahogany, which helps produce a warm, clear tone that doesn’t get muddy or shrill. Thanks to the rosewood fretboard and bridge, the M-20’s harmonic overtones are even further enhanced.

Guild M-20 Concert Acoustic Guitar

The biggest problem with large guitars is body comfort. Concert guitars, on the other hand, are built with lack of obstruction in mind.

The M-20 tone is midrange-focused, which further enhances the intensity and clarity of each note on the fretboard.

Guild M-20 Key Features
  • Vintage appearance, to account for the original model’s look
  • Warm, balanced, all-mahogany tone
  • Clear sonic qualities
  • Satin finish looks great and helps the wood vibrate
  • Balanced sound of a concert body style

Extremely Well-Balanced Concert Body Guitar

Everyone can fall in love with all-mahogany builds. This is a tried and true way to evoke warm, balanced, and beautiful tones.

The all-mahogany construction works in tune with the concert build to bring out midrange-focused tones.

This means that clarity and intensity are to be expected here. The rosewood fretboard was a perfect choice – anything else would’ve disrupted the perfect tonal balance.

Not a Lot of Features

This is a guitar, plain and simple. It isn’t especially large and it doesn’t have any electronics. Although this model’s price tag isn’t mind-boggling,

it isn’t the best acoustic under $2,000. But this is the kind of a guitar that you try, and feel its magic instantly.

Though it lacks electronics, an LR Baggs Element pickup system would be a perfect upgrade for this instrument.

Guild M-20 Review Summary

What We Like

      • All-mahogany build
      • Rosewood fretboard
      • Incredible tonal balance for a concert body guitar
      • Satin finish enhances the tonal properties

20px spacer

What We Don’t Like

      • No extra features

20px spacer

Guild M-20 Concert Acoustic Guitar

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Buyer’s Guide

Guitars are complex instruments. There is a wide variety of things to consider when shopping for the best acoustic guitar for under $2,000. Allow us to help you out here.

What Acoustic Guitar Has the Lowest Action?

Before we get to our preferred choice, a little explanation: the lower the action, the closer the strings are to the frets.

As a result, the lower the action, the less effort you need to put into fretting a note/chord while playing. This doesn’t make a guitar better, but some people certainly prefer their acoustic guitars that way.

To an extent, action can be lowered on any guitar. On electric guitars, this is done in one of two ways: by adjusting the truss rod from the headstock end of the guitar and by lowering the strings from the bridge part of the instrument.

The best acoustic guitar under 2000 will have great action

On acoustic guitars, you can’t lower the action from the bridge side of things, as it is set in place. You can use certain tools to adjust an acoustic guitar’s bridge, but these changes are permanent. Have an expert set this up for you.

But getting a guitar with a low action in the first place is the best idea here. Taylor guitars are famous for their low action and playability. From our list, Taylor 214ce Deluxe has the lowest action.

How Do I Know if My Guitar Action is Too High?

Action that’s too high can be a matter of taste. Some people prefer comfort when playing, while others like guitars that “fight back.” Too low action will result in dead and dull fretted notes.

This requires raising the action by turning the truss rod end on the headstock counter-clockwise.

A high action will always result in clear, resonating fretted notes. However, the higher the action, the more difficult it is to fret a note. The best way to go would be to adjust the truss rod and set the action to your preference.

If you think your guitar needs some adjustment, we have an extensive guitar setup guide that should help.

How do you know that the action is too high? Well, it’s too high the moment it gets uncomfortable for playing.

Don’t worry, you aren’t imagining things, the action can change as a result of factors such as temperature changes and moisture. These affect the truss rod and, as mentioned, can affect a guitar’s action.

What is the Best Acoustic Guitar for Strumming?

When it comes to strumming, you’ll want to look for a guitar that has well-balanced tonal properties and tamed high frequencies.

Guitars with tonewoods that boast high frequencies will sound too shrill when strummed with high velocity. When it comes to tonewoods, Sitka spruce is a good choice for aggressive strummers.

A combination of a large body and rich tonewoods will produce great sounds for strumming.

Another important factor is the guitar’s size. Dreadnought guitars work great in this department, as they have a higher volume ceiling. This means that you get more oomph when you strum harder, but without distortion at the top.

From our list, Gibson Acoustic J-45 Studio is the best strummer’s choice, as it’s a dreadnought guitar with Sitka spruce.

What’s the Best Acoustic Guitar for the Money?

Although the guitars on our list have different price tags, they are in the similar price range. Regardless of how much you like a guitar’s features, it’s advisable that you try it before you buy it.

See which of your local guitar stores have the models from the list and get one that suits you the best.

Are Taylor Guitars Better Than Martin?

Taylor and Martin guitars are often put side-by-side. There are various debates as to which one of these two guitar manufacturers makes better products. Taylor and Martin guitars are very different. You’ll rarely stumble upon a player who is a devoted fan of both.

Martin is a very old company, with more than 180 years of history. Their most famous D-series models are boomy and loud, capable of cutting through an entire band.

They tend to have a deep, warm sound, rich in mid-range. They have a high noise ceiling, which is why many hard-pickers go with Martins.

For a full overview of their differences, check out our popular article: Martin versus Taylor

On the other hand, we have Taylor, a brilliant brand, launched more than 40 years ago. As a relatively young company, Taylor has brought many improvements to the world of acoustic guitars.

They’ve bridged the gap between dreadnoughts and more compact guitars with their Grand Auditorium design. Taylors are bright and rich in sound and offer more clarity, but less body, compared to Martin.

So, Taylor guitars aren’t better than Martin, and it’s not the other way around, either. In the end, it all boils down to the player’s preference.


Closing Thoughts

Although we are certain that each guitar on our list will find an ideal owner, we have to give the best acoustic guitar under 2000 dollars award to Gibson Acoustic J-45 Studio. It has by far the best electronics, is fantastic for strumming, fingerpicking, and flatpicking, and is one of the most comfortable acoustic guitars on the market.

However, keep in mind that taste plays a vital role in picking a guitar, electric or acoustic, so don’t take our word for it, but go ahead and try these acoustic models out.

Final Scores as a Group:

  • Overall Ease Of Use
  • Overall Build Quality
  • Overall Sound Quality
  • Overall Value Factor


Overall Average Score:

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