Furch Little Jane Guitar [Innovating Travel Technology]

Little Jane Travel Guitar with New Neck Connector Velké Němčice, the Czech Republic – August 24, 2017 – Furch Guitars … Read More

Blue Oyster Cult… More Cowbell!

I Got a Fever! Blue Oyster Cult may not have known at the time, but they had set the stage … Read More

Awesome Guitar Pictures and Videos

  Awesome Guitar Pictures & Videos Can you imagine wielding this incredible instrument? Show your appreciation for amazing guitars with … Read More

Best New Guitar Players – Matteo Mancuso

Meet the Early Matteo Mancuso: Suonare in play-back è molto più divertente!➢➢➢YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVAE3R1A1Ketudt-0-idAUg Posted by Matteo Mancuso on Sunday, … Read More

What Is A Luthier? [A Modern Definition]

What Is A Luthier? From Webster’s: noun lu·thi·er Definition of LUTHIER: one who makes stringed musical instruments (as violins or guitars). Being … Read More

How To Kill A Passion With Business

I felt it necessary to provide a little background on what led me to this point – building Guitar Niche. … Read More

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