Top 25 Guitar Songs Video Infographic

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Twenty Five Great Guitar Songs All In One Space

Here’s a very cool, interesting, and convenient way to interact with some great guitar media without having to bounce from page to page, or scroll ’til the cows come home.

Simply hover over the dot next to each song title and enjoy the instant video popout at your leisure.

The Best Guitar Songs?

This awesome infographic was generously provided to us by our friends over at as part of their article entitled The 50 Best Guitar Songs Ever (From Different Eras & Genres).

As the article clearly shows, the breadth and scope of styles the guitar has accommodated over it’s history is simply staggering. It’s interesting to note how our favorite instrument as guitar players has persisted across many musical waves that have come and gone for literally hundreds of years.

You might even say it’s “sticky”.

From Refined Sublime to Contemporary Catchy

If you take the time to peruse the full compliment of guitar songs in the article, you may find inspiration in an undiscovered piece of guitar music that is indeed very long in the tooth, yet opens new possibilities for you. Or you may question if some of more modern choices actually deserve to be in a list of “the best guitar songs”.

This is the very subjective nature of our personal tastes at work.

To take it one step further, ask yourself, where does the guitar go from here? What is it’s future, and what will it look like in fifty years?

Have an opinion? Feel free to share it in the comments below.

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  1. Brett
    | Reply

    Under the bridge…? Not a tough list to crack,that isn’t worthy imho.

    • Steve B.
      | Reply

      Hi Brett, you certainly are entitled to your opinion :)

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