Store Your Guitars in Stunning Style Multi Stands

Do You Have Guitars You Need to Protect?

For many of us, our guitars are like our children. One manufacturer in particular has a great sense of how to properly protect, and display, those things that are priceless to us. not only believes in conventional guitar storage, but a guitar rack that showcases the quality craftsmanship that goes into every instrument. Crucially, they believe in helping protect your pride and joy from those little scratches and scuffs.

Beautiful Guitar Storage: American Made

You need a multi-guitar stand that you can rely on. The Carousel Deluxe Rotating Multi Guitar Stand is like a Christmas tree of guitars for the entire year. The key is not just the beauty of this guitar rack but the fact it’s American made by craftsmen who’re as passionate about their guitars as you are.

This is a beautifully put together wooden multiple guitar stand that’s designed to last. It’s made using American materials right here in this country.

The Carousel Wood Rotating Multi Guitar Stand

Here’s what you need to know about the Carousel Deluxe Rotating Multi Guitar Stand:

  • Holds six guitars at once and can be expanded to hold 12.
  • Stylish with decorative wood inlay.
  • Rotating base to provide easy access.
  • Neck gates to keep guitars locked in place.
  • Wood felt on contact points for that extra layer of security.

As you can see, this is a guitar case stand that’s designed to protect without compromising on style. It’s the best way to protect your investment and show off your guitars all at the same time.

Protect Your Investment Wisely

These stands are more than just nice guitar accessories, they’re about protecting your investment. Guitars don’t come cheap and repairing even minor damage can cost you a lot of money. The Carousel Deluxe Wood Rotating Multi Guitar Stand comes with safety features that you won’t get with other types of guitar stands.

For example, the innovative neck gates lock the guitars in place by the neck, rather than just the body. That means the guitars can’t be accidentally pulled out of place. Plus the contact points are covered by felt, so there will be no lasting damage when they’re pressed into place for long periods.

It’s also the most economical way of storing your guitars. Most other wooden multiple guitar stands take up more space because they don’t come with the rotating base.

Plus it’s one of the few expandable guitar racks you’re likely to find on the market. A simple six-piece stand can be expanded to hold twelve guitars.

How is this the best investment you can make for your guitars?

Look at the listing price and you might get some sticker shock, even though the price of the best guitar stand around is lower than it ever has been.

However, when you compare the cost of repairing the guitar of a serious collector you’ll find that even avoiding a single incident could win you your entire initial investment back.

A professional guitar repairer will charge thousands of dollars to repair a guitar of any real quality. Do you want to receive that bill?

Then it makes sense to protect your investment wisely with the Carousel Deluxe Rotating Multi Guitar Stand. Deluxe Wood Rotating Guitar Stand

A Multiple Guitar Stand Done Right

Let’s compare some of the different guitar stands on the market today with the Carousel Deluxe Rotating Multi Guitar Stand.

  • Take one of the most common complaints as an example. A reviewer for the COOCHEER brand 7-Guitar Stand mentioned how it was poorly constructed, flimsy, and didn’t fold down.

This is the problem with a lot of the cheap guitar stands. They’re not designed to last. They’re designed to look good for a product photo and that’s it. There’s no guarantee that your guitars will be standing upright by the time you get home to play them.

The Carousel Deluxe is a wooden multi-guitar stand that can withstand some punishment. It’s well-constructed with mahogany harvested in the US, rather than cheap wood or metal.

  • The TMS Guitar Stand also has its problems, despite being one of the few guitar stands that aren’t poorly constructed. Another reviewer said that although it claims it can hold nine guitars, acoustics take up two spaces and they can’t take the cases.

For the collector who wants to protect an antique guitar, they need to have that extra layer of security. The Carousel Deluxe accommodates that. When we say it can store up to 12 guitars we mean it can store 12 guitars and their cases.

As well as the wool felt on all contact points, the guitars sit on the same foam cushions you would find with any case, thus protecting that expensive instrument.

  • Finally, let’s take a look at the Fender multi-guitar stand from Fender. It’s a popular guitar stand, but if you’re storing any guitar of significant value you need something better.

One reviewer mentioned that the space is too small between the guitars, so it’s easy to bump them together when getting them out or putting them away. It also comes with the problem of being too compact, so it loses out on its stability.

Knock the Fender guitar storage stand and it will fall over.

The Carousel Deluxe by is different because it has enough space between the guitars to prevent accidental knocking. It also has a larger footprint, thus allotting more stability.

Conclusion – Why this Guitar Storage Solution is the Only Option

Prevent a costly repair bill by making sure you have the Carousel Deluxe Wood Rotating Guitar Stand as your preferred multi-guitar stand. It is strong, stable, and comes with the little added touches that make all the difference. Deluxe Rotating Guitar Stand

When you have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on a guitar you love, you do not want a single bad second to ruin that investment. The Carousel Deluxe Rotating Guitar Stand has you completely covered.

And it even comes with the cool factor because it expands, contracts, and rotates for your viewing pleasure. For anyone who truly loves guitars, this is the number one option.

  1. Ken Holt
    | Reply

    This guitar stand maybe ok for some but I am old school and I believe there is no protection like a wooden hard sheel case, When I ever buy a great guitar I always buy a hardshell case made spefically for that particular guitar.

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