Loog 3-String Solid-Body Electric Lucite Guitar Review

Loog 3-String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Lucite Review

Loog 3-String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Clearly Cool

A DIY guitar kit needs to be ultra-sturdy if you are aiming it towards use by a child. The gift of music is a great one to give, and the chance for your child to actually build the instrument, before going on to learn how to play it too, is a real plus point. The Loog 3-String Solid Body Lucite model is very sturdy, and practically put together, with enough left to do to give your child the feel of making it themselves.

Loog At a Glance:

Loog 3-String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Lucite
14 Reviews
Loog 3-String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Lucite
  • A real guitar made out of real wood
  • Equipped with a screaming pickup that sounds amazing
  • Because it only has three strings and a narrow neck it's easier for small children to form chords

There's also the helpful iOS app which can be accessed to help with learning how to actually play the instrument once it is assembled, which is an added extra many other products don’t have.

There are many features on this particular kit which make it stand out amongst others in the same vein, so let’s explore it a little more.


  • Extremely cool see-through lucite body
  • Also available in five different paint colours, including yellow, blue, and green, to name just a few
  • Neck made of real wood, making it a sturdy choice
  • Three strings and narrow neck, makes it easy for children to handle and play on
  • Compatible with the Loog iOS app, which gives video lessons for help children learn to play

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  • Lightweight but sturdy enough to hold comfortably, at 6.3lb
  • The Loog iOS app makes learning how to play the instrument easy
  • Easy to put together
  • Comprehensive instruction manual included


  • Only really for young players or those who are very basic learners, a more experienced or even intermediate player wouldn’t find much use in this particular instrument
  • Not the lightest instrument on the market, so for particularly young players this might be an issue


The Loog 3-String Solid-Body Electric Lucite Guitar is the perfect choice for parents who want to introduce their children to the wonder of music, and the fact you can help them build the guitar, certainly helps them bond with the instrument in a much more personal way. This guitar could be described as being half put together, and the rest of the assembly process is quite easy.

A Little Loog History:

Loog started as an academic project in 2010 when Rafael Atijas developed the concept as his Master’s thesis at New York University. The idea was: what if a children’s guitar wasn't just small but also had other features that made it fun and easy to learn how to play? The 3 strings still let kids and beginners play chords and, therefore, any song. But, with fewer things to learn, it's easier to play and to make sense of what they are playing. The fact that The Loog Guitar was conceived in a university actually explains a lot about the company's culture and the success of it's Kickstarter campaign: our main goal is not to make the most profit, but to offer a product that is unique and well-designed.

23 JUN 2017 Loog 3-String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Lucite Review

Besides having the ability to levitate your children, and an uber-cool see-through lucite version, you can choose between five different colour options. This makes it very attractive to prospective young musicians, and you have the safety net of the very easy to follow instruction manual if you get a little lost along the way. Once the guitar is put together, you can access the iOS app on your iPhone or iPad, which gives advice and video tutorials on how to play the guitar, helping along the learning process.

This is not a toy guitar by any means, and once it is assembled, the instrument is a very high quality choice, with a great sound quality too. Whilst it isn’t the most lightweight DIY guitar on the market, the lucite version at 6.3lb is lightweight enough, and a little bulk can be a good thing when learning how to play from the start.

Overall, this is a fantastic product for the first time player, and actually assembling the guitar together is a great bonding experience too.

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