You love your guitar right?

Our Guitar Player Tees feature unique iconography, phrases and images that resonate directly with guitar players. You keep your instrument out where you can see it, appreciate it, and pick it up anytime you feel the urge to bang out your favorite tunes. Or maybe you keep it safe in it's case until you take it out and revel in it's glory.

You can't wait to play it.

You also love everything that goes along with owning a guitar. The amps, pedals, gear, toys, all the goodies that are part of guitar ownership. We understand that awesome power, and decided to celebrate it in t-shirt form.

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We aren’t just a fly by night, sell a shirt to make a buck type of operation. We are absolutely passionate about guitars. Nobody else’s guitar is exactly like yours. You love it. You love it to death! (thanks Alice).

Manufactured and printed with pride in California.

As a bonus, you’ll know that the funds you spend go directly to those who share your your passion for guitars and music. No off-shore siphoning here, you’re directly supporting and strengthening our own economy with your purchase.

If there’s ANY hiccup with your purchase, we’ll take care of you - guaranteed. You want to feel secure that you’re getting what you paid for, and that feel good about it. If we don’t hold up our end of the bargain, you’ll say nasty things about us - and we don’t want that. We would much prefer to have you rave about the excellent quality shirt, the awesome service, and the buying experience as a whole.