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Blueridge BR-143CE Guitar Review [Acoustic-Electric]

Should you buy the Blueridge BR-143CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar? Find out if it has the features to meet your instrument needs in our expert review.

Blueridge BR-143CE: Power in an Acoustic Presence

At a Glance:

Think about your favorite song in the world. Hear it play in your mind and listen to the various musical instruments. What stands out to you? For most people, first and foremost, they will hear the singer and the lyrics. But look beyond that, listen to the band.

Again, for most people, they will gravitate towards the singer, but go further and primarily listen to the guitar.

For most people, who aren’t musically inclined, it is sometimes very difficult to pick out just one instrument in a song. For most people, they love the blend of the band together, zone in on the guitar. Do you hear how much work they are doing?

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Blueridge BR-143CE Historic Series Cutaway Acoustic-Electric 000 Guitar with Deluxe Hardshell Case

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Guitars are one of the most important instruments in a band and one of the most played instruments worldwide today. They can be used to play professionally but are also used greatly at social gatherings such as campfires, church, and at a party. For my family, music has always been integral to our holiday festivities.

Music has the power to bring people together, and also to inspire emotions in people’s hearts. I think it is so important for everyone to at least attempt to learn a musical instrument to strengthen the creative side of the brain.


If you have never played a musical instrument before, or you are a professional looking for a new instrument to play, then this article for you. When purchasing a musical instrument, it can be quite the difficult task.

There are so many available on the market today that it’s hard to know which ones are great and which you should stay away from.

My goal is to help you find a brand that you will be satisfied with. One of the brands on the market today is the Blueridge BR-143CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar. It comes at an affordable price and is available for purchase online/in stores.

The Blueridge BR-143CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar: Should You Buy It?

Key Features

The Blueridge Acoustic-Electric Guitar comes with a variety of features to meet your musical instrument needs. These features include:

  • Top is made out of a solid Sitka spruce
  • Braces are scalloped giving crisp articulation
  • Back and sides are made from a solid mahogany
  • Warm resonance
  • Neck is slim and made out of mahogany
  • Fingerboard made out of East Indian rosewood, making it very smooth
  • The pickup system is Fishman Presys Blend
  • On board tuner
  • Comes with CD-1514 deluxe hardshell case

Blueridge BR-143CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

Pros and Cons

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Blueridge BR-143CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

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What We Like

      • Soft warm sound
      • Can be played both acoustically and electrically
      • Fishman Presys Blend pickup system with on-board tuner
      • Incredibly affordable
      • Open sound
      • Cosmetically beautiful to look at

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What We Don’t Like

      • Made in China
      • Can get better quality guitars

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Verdict: Is the Blueridge BR-143CE a Good Value?

As I mentioned before, buying a musical instrument is quite an investment. Acoustic guitar prices can range from under $100 to tens of thousands of dollars for custom instruments, so you have to be careful before you buy! That being said, I found the Blueridge BR-143ce Acoustic-Electric to be a brand that I have mixed feelings about.

On the pros side, it has a fantastic price, and even comes with a hardshell carrying case. This is a must for me nowadays because some guitars don’t come with it and it is an added cost.

The Blueridge has a nice look and has everything you would be looking for in an acoustic electric guitar. Really a great deal for the money.

So where’s the problem? Well, it’s because they are essentially reverse engineered premium US instruments and simply don’t carry the same weight in refinement. The Blueridge brand, while offering amazing quality instruments for the money, is made in China.

Blueridge BR-143CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

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Personally, I tend to lean more toward guitars that are made in North America, they provide a better standard of build quality (though at a price) and will ultimately have a better resale value. But if you have no issue with country of origin and are looking for a great value, this may be your instrument.

The best piece of advice I can give to you is to always go in person to check out an acoustic-electric guitar before you buy one – the performance of the electronics can be make or break for you. Even better, get advice from your local guitar tech.

Instruments are all about personal preference, and you won’t truly know if you want to buy a certain brand without holding it and playing it yourself. I recommend before you buy to go to your local music store and play the brand. Have a great time playing in the process!

Blueridge BR-143CE Historic Series Cutaway Acoustic-Electric 000 Guitar with Deluxe Hardshell Case

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  • Build Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Value Factor


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Website: https://www.sagamusic.com/

About: For more than 40 years, Saga Musical Instruments has steadily grown to be a global pioneer in the successful development, marketing and distribution of high-quality traditional American and European-designed student and professional acoustic musical instruments.

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