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Blue Oyster Cult… More Cowbell!

Blue Oyster Cult More Cowbell

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I Got a Fever!

Blue Oyster Cult may not have known at the time, but they had set the stage for a doubly entertaining show with their signature 1976 release, (Don’t Fear) The Reaper.

Ed Roman of Roman Guitars Las Vegas quotes:

“Buck Dharma is one of the worlds best guitar players but gets very little recognition!!!!”

That ringing G string… unforgettable. Every guitar player have that phrase pinned to their must-know licks.

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The lightly chorused droning note combined with an intuitively fluid riff, masterfully topped off with the infamous toll of a cowbell…

But really, is it enough cowbell?

Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser’s opening riff has not only stood the test of time, he himself has also stood the test time being the only continuously active member of the group throughout it’s long history.

Seen throughout his career playing a multitude of various guitars, Dharma doesn’t seem to be committed to one signature guitar setup.

On this particular track, the signature riff was recorded on a Gibson ES-175 guitar (of which Gibson made a very fine ’59 ES-175D Historic Reissue) run through a Music Man 410 combo amplifier.

On the other hand, and unmistakably so, there is still one instrument that comes to mind when mentioning Blue Oyster Cult…

More Cowbell!!

Blue Oyster Cult More Cowbell screencap

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